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Violation of Injunction Cases

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Injunctions - Violation of Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence

Our client, J.D., was charged with Violation of Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence, a first degree misdemeanor. The police said that J.D. slapped the alleged victim's face twice when not allowed even be within 500 feet of the alleged victim. J.D. was exposed to 1 year in jail. Our Jacksonville Violent Crimes Lawyers were able to get the charge DROPPED.

Trial – Injunctions/Restraining Orders – Violation of Injunction

Mr. Forbess, a Jacksonville Criminal Defense Lawyer, represented J.R. on a misdemeanor charge of Violation of Injunction for Protection Against Repeat Violence. J.R. was not allowed to be within 500 feet of the alleged victim’s house. Three witnesses testified under oath at trial that they observed J.R.’s very distinctive custom-painted robin egg blue Mazda pull into the driveway of the house. At trial, Mr. Forbess was able to reveal that this whole situation was based on a custody battle between J.R. and the alleged victim. After deliberating for one hour, the jury found J.R. Not Guilty of Violation of Injunction.

Injunctions - Violation of Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence

Our client, R.H., was arrested in Jacksonville for Violation of Injunction. He was pulled over for a traffic ticket in Jacksonville. R.H. told police that he had a 9 mm handgun in his car. R.H. had an injunction placed on him in 2007 and the injunction prohibited him from being in possession of any firearm. Police took the gun into evidence. Our Jacksonville Injunction Attorneys were able to get the Violation of Injunction Charge DROPPED in Jacksonville.

Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction

Our client, J.D., was arrested for violating a domestic violence injunction in Jefferson County, Florida. The victim called 911 while she was in the passenger seat of our client's car. Our client pulled over on the side of I-10 and waited for the police. When police arrived, they confirmed that there was a valid injunction in force from Jacksonville that stated J.D. was to have NO CONTACT with the victim. From all accounts, our client was in direct contact with the victim because he was the driver of a car the victim was riding in. Under the law, even though the victim consents to the contact, that is no defense. After our Jacksonville Injunction Lawyers pointed out that the contact was consensual and further investigated the case, our Jacksonville Criminal Defense Law Firm got all charges DISMISSED.

Violation of Injunction

Our client, C.M., was arrested for Violation of Injunction in Jacksonville. The alleged violation took place two years prior to the arrest. The alleged victim, our client's children's mother, got a "no contact" injunction against C.M. and then told police that our client came to her home and stole many items. Our criminal attorneys pointed out that if our client stole "many" items, she would have reported that to the police. The only thing the alleged victim told police was that he came around. The alleged victim also had been arrested for Domestic Battery twice against our client and was once arrested for Aggravated Assault against our client. Our Jacksonville Criminal Attorneys were able to get the charge DROPPED.