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Probation Violations

The task of monitoring those on misdemeanor probation is contracted out to the Salvation Army of North Florida. Misdemeanor probation is usually for DUI or Domestic Battery and involves reporting, going to classes, staying drug and crime free, and the ever present need to pay more money for fines, court costs, evaluations, classes and treatments. Felony probationers are monitored by several local offices of the Florida Department of Corrections. The public will be able to pull a probationer's picture and sentence on the internet.

Violation of one's probation is a crime in Florida. If you are convicted of a Violation of Probation, you are exposed to the same punishment you could have received on the original charge. The standard of proof for a violation or probation is "willful and substantial". That means you the prosecution has to prove you willfully and substantially violated your probation.

You are entitled to a Violation of Probation Hearing where you can explain your side of the story. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of Florida's probation laws and what violations rise to the level of willful and substantial. If you know you are going to be violated, contact an experienced probation criminal defense attorney.

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