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Restraining Orders

  • Violation of Injunction for Protection Against Domestic Violence

Violating the terms of an injunction or restraining order can cause serious legal problems. Whether you did it knowingly or not, you may still be arrested. Many of the injunctions/restraining orders have a "no contact" provision. This means that you cannot be within 500 feet of the person, home, or place of work of the person who got the injunction. You are also not allowed to have phone or email contact. The injunction also prevents "third party" contact, which means that you cannot send a message through another person.

If you get a conviction on a Violation of Injunction, that increases the chances the injunction or restraining order will remain permanently in place. Arrests for Violation of Injunction are often based on the word of just one person. You need an attorney experienced in analyzing the specifics of your injunction or restraining order. You need to tell your side of the story, and an experienced criminal defense attorney will give you that chance.

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