Felony Driving on Suspended License

  • Habitual Traffic Offender
  • Permanent Suspension

If you have 3 or more driving on a suspended license citations in a 5 year period, your license could be suspended for 5 years. If this happens, you will be designated a "Habitual Traffic Offender". Even if one of the convictions is a Driving on a Suspended License "Without Knowledge", you can still qualify as a habitual traffic offender. Often, a person pays the civil infraction for DWLS and forgets about the ticket. They don't realize it qualifies as a prior conviction under the Habitual Offender statute.

If you have four DUI convictions, your license is suspended for life. Driving on a Permanent Suspension is a third degree felony and is punishable for up to 5 years in prison. The vehicle you were driving can be seized under Florida law if it was used in the commission of a felony, or if you drive on a DUI suspension and get a new arrest for DUI.

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