Domestic Battery / Violent Crimes

  • Domestic Battery
  • Simple Battery
  • Assault
  • Stalking

Domestic Battery charges can carry serious consequences, including mandatory jail time. The police often tell the parties involved that at least one person has to be arrested when they are called out. Law enforcement often makes a judgment based on very little evidence. Most of the time, they will arrest the person that failed to call the police during the dispute. Because of this, people may be arrested that don't deserve to be arrested. Many times, the "man of the house" rides to jail simply because of an argument.

Domestic Battery charges are viewed today in a post 9/11 world. Anyone convicted of a Domestic Battery is often considered "dangerous" to agencies that issue access passes to ports and airports. Anyone with a Domestic Battery conviction is usually excluded from coaching youth sports. Future gun ownership is also jeopardized under state and federal law.

An attorney can thoroughly investigate the issues in the case, including self-defense, the relationship of the parties, the steps the police took in their investigation, talk to witnesses, and collect evidence the police didn't bother to gather.

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