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Bond Reduction Hearings

When you are arrested on criminal charges, the Court may require a "bond", or payment, for you to be released. There are two reasons the Court sets a bond. They are to assure your appearance in Court and to protect the community from danger. The Court considers your ties to the community (family, children, friends), how long you have lived in the county, your past criminal record, and your employment. When you pay a bond, you are released from jail until the completion of your case. Depending on the type of bond, you may also get the money you paid returned to you at the end of your case. Bond can be equated to an insurance policy. The bondsman assumes, for a fee, the risk of failing to appear in court. Any failure to appear can be a new crime of "Bond Jumping", a third degree felony.

You need an experienced attorney to file a Motion to Reduce Bond and show the Court that you will come back for future court dates. You also need an attorney to show the judge that you are not a danger.

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